Waxing & Threading

Our Team of Lash Artists and Threaders can shape, sculpt and remove any facial hair to give you the beautiful look you desire.

​Each service can be either Waxing or Threading

Brow Design


We'll remove any unwanted hair in addition to giving you the design and shape you prefer. 



Removes all unwanted hair below the lower lip to the edge of the chin.



Unlike most other salons, at iCandy this service removes the hair from the upper and lower lip.



Removes all the unwanted hair from above the brow line to the edge of the hair line and between the temples.



This service can remove all unwanted hair from each side of the face from the temple line to the lower edge of the lobe.

Full Face

$35 - $45

With our Full Face Design, we'll provide each of the above listed services for a reduced price. Threading is $35 and Waxing is $45 which includes the nostrils.

5 Brow Threading Package


5 Brow Threading services for only $50. That's a savings of $10 off the regular price.

10 Brow Threading Package


10 Brow Threading services for only $80. That's $40 off the regular price.