Our Pricing

 iCandy Eye Salon offers 3 levels of service & pricing to ensure you're matched to the Technician that is right for you!




A Master Level Technician provides our clients with all Lash Extension & Waxing services available. A Master is the most experienced technician at iCandy and can complete a service in the least amount of time compared to a Senior or Junior.

You'll pay a little bit more for a Master but will leave satisfied and in up to half the time! 
Senior Level Technicians typically have more than 6-12 months experience in performing the majority of services we provide. Most iCandy technicians are at this level and working towards Master certification.

You'll sacrifice a little time but never quality when you book with a Senior.

Junior Level Technicians have completed all training and certification necessary to provide many of the services offered. A Junior works toward becoming a Senior by decreasing service times without sacrificing quality.

Services with a Junior are the most affordable and take longer to complete.

You can see a full list of services & pricing per Level by pressing


.....choosing your location and the           next to the service you're interested in.


All iCandy Lash Technicians have completed a comprehensive and thorough Training & Certification Program. This program was created and is implemented and supervised by Shareen Malik.  This process guarantees that the quality of service you receive from each of our Lash Technicians is the same regardless of level.
Training & Certification